Born July 17th , early in the morning, on a rainy day, during the historical hot summer of 76. Spend my first year puking, pooing, sleeping and crying in Hoboken. Soon after that we left to Kapellen, where I would spend the remainder of my childhood days. I had a quite happy time there, going to the local Catholic school , playing around and not having one thing to worry about.

My teens I spend in a school about 6 km away in Ekeren, which I did on my bike, every day come sun, come rain. I was always a good child, going to school on time, never missing a class unless I was sick. My friends where nerds and I was a dork, but who the fuck cared, I sure didn't. During that time my troubled teens started. You know how it is, you're all alone and no one understands you. It didn't help when I changed my appearance and got my Mohawk. Luckily the years brought me wisdom and I grew slowly out off all that bullshit.

Grown up time, I spend in Brussels, trading in my cozy home to go live there. Never left it, only for a few short months here and there. My heart will always be there. Yet it will be a place to come back to, a safe haven, not the place where I'll live forever.

Anymore you need to know about me, you can find on the different pages. I like to write loads of crap on my blog, so you'll have plenty to read. I now and then write something that some people call poems. I call them free therapy. Besides all that I love to travel, visit places. I read a book now and then, if it can interest me. I love my shows, cartoons, movies... Been brought up by TV, makes it my main medium for entertainment. The remainder of the time goes to my friends, internet and all the other computer related shit. O and some culture here and there, got o feed the soul too.

Any more questions? Need me to write something for you? Design something cool? Or just want to say hi?

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