The shopkeeper

3 times

he tried to sell it

he showed the first costumer
the goods
and he liked what he saw
he liked it so much
he wanted it for comfort
yet he didn't want to buy it
he just wanted to come and visit
and visit still he does
window shopping

so no sale

The second
he tried to show
he hung out the big sings in the shop window
but he was too occupied
too busy looking at other shops
forgetting his every day corner shop
the one he walked past every day
the one that was closing
and going away

again no sale

The last
but not least
wasn't really looking
but since there was a clearance sale
he just pushed it into his face
so bright and so clear a diamond
he had never seen
It would be too much for him
he could never walk around with that
and ran away

again no sale

So now the shop is closed
closed for business
even though other customs showed up
He didn't want to sell it too them
They would have taken good care of it
still he refused to part
and locked it back into his box

where in the darkness

it will only shine brighter